Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Teaching Moment (???)

So Kat told me that I had to share this story with everybody.  Mainly so we won't forget.

Tonight during his personal prayers Canon prayed that he would learn to not listen to the Devil and be nice to each other.  So I thought I would take a moment to teach him about how God and the Devil speak to us.  The following dialogue occurred.

Mark: So Canon, did the Devil tell you to do anything today?
Canon: Ummm?? No.  I didn't hear anything.
Mark: Well, does that mean you were good the whole day?
Canon:  (No answer).
Canon: When I try to talk to God it's a little creepy because I don't hear anything.
Mark: Oh.  You know you don't hear him with your ears right?  Usually you feel it in your heart.  Do you feel warm in your heart when you talk to God?
Canon: (holding a stuffed Minion from the movie Despicable Me next to his chest) Well. Sometimes. . . . But maybe it's just his butt!! (Gesturing to the Minion and speaking with a normal non-joking voice)
Mark: (Trying not to laugh) Oh.  Well, when I talk to God and he talks to me I feel warm in my heart.
Canon:  (no response)
Mark: Ok. Goodnight.

Some errors may be in this transcript due to poor exact memory.

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