Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Random Day to Remember

So today started off like any other day...oh wait, no...I got a shower in before taking Mark to work.  Anywho, we got out a little later than we really wanted to, but we still got Mark to work on time.  After dropping him off, Canon and I went to Walmart to exchange some razors. We went to the razor aisle and I picked out the new ones and started taking Canon back toward the Customer Service area when I noticed he had something in his hand.  It was a disposable razor head.  I guess one of the packages must have been opened and, of course, he found it.  It took me a little while to get it away from him, trying to not just rip it out of his hands for fear of cutting him.  I did get it out, but he was not happy with me.  I kicked it under the display rack so he wouldn't reach for it again.  I looked for a cut but couldn't find one.  Phew!  Then I exchanged the razors and was heading out when I noticed Canon's finger was bleeding. Ugh!  So I asked a worker if they had a first aid kit so I could clean him up.  He was such a good sport with the antiseptic wipe, but he tried to not let me put the band-aid on. I got it there though, and he's had it on ever since.  So, nothing too dramatic, but it still frightened me.

Then after we got home, I didn't want to take him inside so soon.  It is such a gorgeous day outside, so we went for a little walk.  Canon saw a helicopter for the first time; he stopped to bark at a dog across the street; he picked up little rocks and carried them down the sidewalk.  He even walked up the walkway and up the stairs to the front door of a nice widow that we met who lives on our street.  So I let him ring the doorbell and we had a short little visit with her.

When we left her house, we walked down another street to give Canon some new scenery, and there was a little boy who came running out from his backyard to come meet Canon.  The mom and little sister came out front too, and we made some new friends.  We even went to their backyard to have an impromptu play date. So fun!  So, now we may end up having some new friends in the neighborhood...for the next 3 months or so of us living here.  The mom even informed me of a program they do at the local library that I think would be really fun to bring Canon we may end up seeing them on a regular basis.  I'm kind of excited for it!

We didn't get home from dropping off Mark at work until after 11am.  Canon ate a little bit of lunch while watching Veggie Tales before taking a nice nap.  So, not completely typical, but it was a nice day.  Yay for great weather!!