Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mark's Interviews- The Results

About 3 weeks ago Mark had 2 interviews with law firms in Salt Lake City.  The first firm said they thought it would be about a week until they made a decision.  Over 2 weeks went by and still no word.  Mark sent an email to follow-up... still no word.  We figured that maybe they chose someone else and were waiting for them to accept before rejecting Mark, or they could have just not invited him for a second interview and they're still in the process.  Either way, they should at least let him know what's up!  :(  We're not terribly hopeful for that position.

The second interview, the one we really wanted at Holland and Hart, had a more interesting conclusion.  Mark had one of his contacts follow-up with them and then if he hadn't heard, then Mark was going to send an email to follow-up himself.  A couple days ago we got word that Holland and Hart was bringing on a new partner from another firm, and he was insisting on bringing in 3 associates that he had been working with.  So, the position that Mark was applying for ended up not needing to be filled.  Instead of hiring 1 new associate, they added 1 partner and 3 associates.  *sigh*  I guess it's just not Mark's turn yet.

Thank you for your prayers and support through this whole ordeal.  Mark continues to look for a better job.  At least we're not worse off than we were before the interviews.  He's not out of a job, but he would certainly like an opportunity to get a job that is worth his talents.  I truly believe that Mark would be an asset to any firm he chooses to work for, but someone needs to just give him a chance.  We continue to pray that he will find something...and that we can have the strength to accept God's will in this matter.

Adventures in Playgroups

A while back I started doing Joy School with Canon and 3 other boys in the area with their moms.  I think that it was a great thing for Canon, but the other boys were just not quite old enough to handle it.  Sitting down for a lesson was just too hard for them, so we decided to still get together for playgroup but discontinue the Joy School part of it.  Well, sometimes it can still get pretty interesting when you put these boys together.

Yesterday playgroup was at my place.  Jen, one of the other moms, was my helper, but she needed to bring 2 of her other kids with her.  We had a total of 5 kids making paper bag puppets, which turned to be a fun activity for most of them.  When we were done with our activity, I let them all play until it was time to go home.  Jen and I were distracted with a little project of sewing a button onto her daughter's pants.  I saw Emerson run into the bathroom with a naked bum.  What?!? Uh, Eme, where are your pants?  Did you just have an accident in Canon's room?  We then realized that his mom, Maleah, was there helping him to go potty.  Phew!  But, yes he did have an accident because his pants were soaked.

Then, with all of us trying to get crafts supplies cleared up, and the kids running wherever...things were starting to get a little rowdy in the apartment.  All of a sudden we heard a door slam, and Cadence started screaming!

We thought that maybe someone had slammed her little fingers in the door or something.  So I ran to rescue her...only to find that I couldn't get to her.  She had been locked in Canon's bedroom by herself.  Jen's little boy Xander is repeatedly locking Canon's door, but he's usually inside the room when it happens.  So I can just demand that he unlocks it with a threat of a time-out, and he opens the door.  

Now, normally this wouldn't really be a huge issue in an apartment because you should just be able to poke the knob with something long and skinny to unlock it.  However, a previous tenant had replaced this doorknob with one that required a key to open from the outside...and I don't have the key

Maleah offered to try to pick the lock with a card or something, but I knew that wouldn't work because of the direction of the door jam.  There was no way to get a card to the lock to open it.  Jen was talking about kicking the door down, but I knew that wouldn't work either...Cadence was just on the other side of the door.  She would get hurt.  I called our apartment management to ask for someone to try to pick the lock, or a locksmith...or something.  She suggested that I try to shove a bobby-pin in the hole to push it open.  "I don't know how to pick a lock with a bobby-pin!"  I was trying to not yell at her, but I was trying to get across the urgency of the situation.  Apparently she wasn't really listening to me when I told her that it was a key hole and I didn't have the key...or she just didn't believe me.  (I'm really not so dumb as to not know how to open a door that can be unlocked with a small allen wrench.)  So she sent the maintenance guy Larry who arrived a few minutes later.  He approached the door with a little skinny tool, but when he got there he realized my predicament.  He was shocked to see a key hole.  "Hence the problem!" I said to him.

Cadence was starting to calm down, but occasionally she'd still cry out.  Poor girl!  Larry pulled out a pipe wrench and removed the doorknob.  Success!  We cracked the door open, which Cadence was trying to crawl through, of course...making it difficult to open the door without pinching her fingers.  After about 10 minutes of frustration and concern, Cadence was finally free.  When I picked her up, I immediately had to remove the tiny dinosaur toys she was chewing on.   I'm always trying to keep those out of her reach because she can choke on them.  It's a good thing we got her before she could choke.

With the stressful situation subsiding, I remembered that I was supposed to provide a snack for the kids.  A friend gave me a box of LoftHouse frosted sugar cookies the night before.  Since I don't have the self-control to not eat the entire box (I ate 3 the night she gave them to me.), I decided to give them to the kids for their snack.  I gave them each a cookie on a napkin, but I didn't actually tell them to stay in the kitchen and living room areas.  Once everything was cleaned up and ready to gather the children, I found huge cookie crumbles ALL OVER THE APARTMENT!!  Frosting was smeared onto the side rung on Cadence's crib.  Cracker crumbs, which I did not give the kids, were all over my glider chair and the ottoman.  Crumbs and frosting were found in Canon's room, the hallway, Cadence's room, the kids' bathroom, the living room, my bedroom, and on the kitchen floor.  Ugh! (Last night I found frosting on my accessory basket at my vanity and the plastic drawers under it.)

Ok, so it's a good thing I didn't vacuum before the kids got there...and now I had to vacuum the ENTIRE apartment.  I swept that morning, but I guess it was time to do it again!  At least Cadence was able to take an extra long nap that afternoon... I guess being a little damsel in distress tired her out. :)  I felt like I was able to laugh at the whole situation a little, but in reality I felt like this:

I am so blessed with children who are fairly easy-going, pretty easy to handle, well-behaved... not to mention super adorable.  When I was finished cleaning up and Cadence was napping, Canon just wanted to get something to drink and cuddle with me for a while.  What a sweetheart!  Then we went to his bedroom to play Candyland.

  It felt like a wonderfully productive day that morning.  I de-cluttered the kitchen table, the couch, the living room, swept, put on make-up and did my hair.  I was ready for playgroup...even with all the materials laid out and ready to go.  However, I was not ready to have my emotions on that little roller coaster, and I was tired by the time Mark got home.  The first thing I told Mark when he got home was, "You're taking me out to dinner tonight!"  Canon chose Arby's, and we had a pretty easy-going evening after that, thankfully!