Monday, September 12, 2011

Remembering 9/11

I feel that I'd be unpatriotic if I didn't at least say something about this tragic event of ten years ago.  I was a freshman at BYU.  I remember going to my first class and seeing a note written on the chalkboard that class was cancelled due to the events of the day.  I had no idea what it was referring to, but since I didn't have class for quite some time, I headed back to my dorm.  Along the way I ran into my Relief Society president.  She looked like she was having a nervous breakdown, saying something about having flashbacks of the Oklahoma bombings (she's from OK!) and I really didn't know how to help her.  I didn't have any comforting words, so I just walked with her to our building in silence.  When I got inside I saw the news on the TV in the lobby.

My first thought was it was horrible prank that was being played.  I couldn't actually grasp onto the fact that it was REAL.  Planes really did crash, buildings of people really were destroyed, and it was a terrorist attack.  I think it honestly took me almost an hour for it to really hit me.  I don't remember much else of that day other than sitting in that lobby glued to the tv.  I do remember that several girls from my dorms walked to the Provo Temple and had a little candlelight vigil on those holy grounds.  We brought hymnbooks and candles and sang in honor of those heroes lost and their families.

After that horrific day, I felt a renewed appreciation for the country that I called home.  There was a renewed hope and faith in us as a nation and that we can make it through anything.  We were all proud to be Americans, and we were proud to be neighbors to each other.  Reflecting on experiences of ten years ago, I still feel a deep appreciation and love for my country.

God bless America!