Saturday, June 19, 2010

Living in Limbo

Once we feel like we've got a plan, life throws us a curve-ball. Once again, I feel like we're living in limbo, not really knowing what's going to happen. So far Mark doesn't have a job, and I've accepted admission into the University of Utah for their masters program in speech-language pathology. Our plan was for Mark to take the Utah Bar Exam at the end of July, then pack all our stuff up early August and move to Utah, staying with Mark's parents until we can get a place of our own. (We were going to take a Church History Tour Vacation on the way out because most of the stops will be perfect intervals for driving long distances with the baby.) Then I would start my masters program at the University of Utah on August 23rd.

Well, it may happen just like that... but then again... it might not. Mark's interviewing with the superior court system in Western Massachusetts for a 10 month clerkship. It was set-up just for BU Law grads from this year who didn't have jobs. 5 positions are open (I think only 2 are in Western MA and the other 3 are in the Boston area) and we feel that Mark has a pretty good chance. I was nervous about him getting a clerkship outside of Utah because I'm supposed to start school this fall, but then the U of U's welcome letter stated that they're allowing this year's incoming students defer until fall of 2011 if we wanted because more students accepted than they anticipated. So, that works out perfectly. Mark says that if he gets this job, he'll take the Massachusetts Bar Exam in February to make himself more marketable in this area. If he ends up finding a job here in MA with the contacts he makes through this clerkship, then I will apply to a part-time SLP masters program that they have out here in MA. I was looking forward to going to the U of U, but part-time schooling would be more condusive to being a mom once Mark is working.

So, once again, our plans are up in the air. We might be moving to Utah... we might be moving only a couple hours away to Western Massachusetts. Either way, we will be moving out of our apartment in August. Keep us in your prayers! We'd like a job, but we want to do what's right for our family too! I'm nervous about finding a place large enough and inexpensive enough to be comfortable, but I'm getting excited for a change.

Vacationing in Newport Beach, CA

Mark's parents have a timeshare in California, and after 5 years of not being able to join in on the fun Mark and I were finally able to participate in the Dahl Family Vacation. Canon was able to see the Pacific Ocean (3x). He had his first experience with playing in the kiddie pool and in the big pool. We went whale watching and saw tons of playful dolphins, sea lions chillin' on a floating bouey, and 3 whales. We went to Knotsberry Farm with Mark's brother Alex. (Thanks for watching Canon, Mom and Dad!) We also went to an Anaheim Angels baseball game with Mark's parents. (Thanks for watching Canon, Tiffany and Brian!)

It was pretty much a lot of relaxation and good times to just hang out with family. I even got to rest a little bit in the mornings with a mother-in-law who would watch the baby so I could go back to sleep. Yeah, we got spoiled... and we're still not back to Eastern Standard Time. I guess it takes getting up Sunday morning for 9:00am church will just have to do the trick to get us back on track!

Only 7 1/2 months, and Canon already has adoring fans! :) His cousin Megan would play with him every chance that she got. Now, I try not to be the paranoid-type mother, but there were a few times I just HAD to insist she play with Canon on the floor instead of on the couch. It was great to have so many playmates for him though!

Splashing in a pool was a new experience, and Canon wasn't too sure about it at first. It became more fun once he got a beach ball to play with.

Canon has now been to both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. This was his first experience with the water. He was happy in this picture, but he DID NOT like the cold, and I think the waves scared him. But he's cute in his swim wear, isn't he?

Whale watching was a new experience for most of us. I had a hard time getting him to look at everything we saw, but I think he did notice the dolphins once. He was so cute on the boat... especially after he sneezed when I was trying to feed him.

The last time Mark and I were in California, the Newport Temple wasn't yet opened. This time we walked the grounds after Church. The landscaping was beautiful, even with the "sticky flowers."

Thanks for an amazing vacation, Mom and Dad!

Pictures from Grad Week

My cameras weren't working while we had family in town, so here are some fun pictures from their visit for Mark's graduation back in May!

Mark in his graduate get-up!
Congrats, Mark! We're all so proud of you!

Enjoying the tour of Fenway Park and the Boston Gardens

Getting ready for the Cape Cod Harbor Cruise
(Canon didn't really like the cruise very much. He hated how windy it got, so I took him down below to feed him and keep him warm.)

We ate at a restaurant at the docks that served pretty good seafood called Spanky's.

Just some good ol' family bonding
Watching Mark play basketball with the guys from church.