Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mark's Interviews

I'm sure many of you know that Mark had a couple of interviews last week for firm jobs down in Salt Lake City.  The first interview (Plant Christiansen & Kanell) he said went well, about 20-30 minutes, but there was one thing he wished he hadn't said...but he backed up and was able to explain what he meant and reword it.  He felt like he didn't really bomb it though...just not overly confident that he would get the job.  They said that they were about a week out from making a decision.  That means we should really be hearing about it any day now.

Mark would like an offer from this firm, but he'd rather work for this second one...mainly because it would be lots more money (we think) for about the same amount of work.  However, he would be perfectly happy to take this job if it's an option.

The second interview (Holland & Hart) was one he acquired through some pretty sweet connections.  He found out they were accepting applications through his law school's job postings, and so he reached out to his attorney contacts here in Utah.  Mark found out that a couple of people he knew actually knew partners at Holland & Hart.  In fact, one used to be partners with a few of the partners there.  So, after they reached out in Mark's favor to Holland & Hart, one of their managing directors contacted Mark saying, "If you don't get an interview from so-and-so soon, give me a call."   So, that meant Mark was going to get an interview...whether it was a courtesy to Mark's contacts or if they were really considering him...we weren't really sure.

Well, he was contacted for a lunch interview before the application deadline had passed.  Mark felt that the lunch meeting couldn't have gone any better.  The meeting was relaxed enough to help him feel comfortable, not so nervous.  He also said there was nothing he wished he hadn't said or wished he answered that's good.  He also said that there was an obvious shift in the conversation to him being asked questions, like a real interview.  At the end, the guy asked when Mark could start if they decided to hire him... and that's always a good sign.  If it was a total bust, they wouldn't even care to ask him that, right?

Well, Holland & Hart told Mark that they were 2 weeks out from making a decision, so that's about another week out.  As of right now, we're playing the "Pray and Wait" game.  We're sincerely hoping for these jobs because they would allow Mark to get out of this clerking rut and into a firm job, allowing him to also make more money to go toward paying off law school debt.

This is closest Mark has ever been to getting an actual firm job, and we're really excited about this... trying to not get our hopes up too high, though.  At least this time while he's looking for a job he's already got something that can get us through!  We are grateful for what we have, but we also pray to somehow, someday, receive the things he went to school for.  :)