Friday, November 18, 2011

Plea for Your Prayers

As you may know Mark has been looking for a job for some time now.  He has started his own firm on the side, but so far he's not made any money yet, but that's to be expected at this stage.  He has still been applying to all the probable positions he sees open, but there are just not very many of those.  Fortunately, he does have an interview coming up on Monday for the Duchesne County Attorney's Office.  He is optimistic about this position and his chances since the deadline for the applications is Nov. 22nd and his interview is already set.  We've been praying for a successful interview, and I'd like to ask each of you who are willing to pray for Mark.  We would really like this job, but it's not really up to us whether he gets it or not.  If God be willing, we can use all the help we can get! So many people try to cheer us up by saying that "it only takes one 'yes'" to land a job, but so far we've only had a bunch of "no's!"  Your prayers would be most appreciated!  Thank you!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Baby is Now a 2-Year-Old

This week we celebrated Canon's 2nd birthday.  Sometimes it's hard to believe that he's already 2 years old, like the "where did the time fly?" kind of moments.  But most of the's pretty obvious that Canon is 2-year-old...  he's definitely got the "MINE!!" concept down pat.  *grumble grumble*  He is growing so fast, and his language is really fun to watch develop.  I'm so proud of my little guy, and I just wanted to share a few things from his birthday party.
  • All of Canon's aunts and uncles that live in Utah were there with their whole families.  It made for a pretty crowded living room for opening presents with 20+ people, but still fun!  
  • Canon got 2 really awesome trucks from family, and a few of the cousins were more interested in playing with those new toys than playing nicely with each other.  At least when everyone went home, Canon was able to have his own turn with his new toys.  He really does think they are the coolest!!  Thanks for the great gifts everybody!  (See videos below)
Everyone wants to play with the toys
Canon's turn, all by himself
  • I decorated his birthday cake to look like a train track all around it with a plastic train to hold the candles.  It wasn't as cute as I envisioned, but it still worked...and it was promptly eaten, so it didn't really matter.
  • Canon took two blows to blow out the two candles, but he knew exactly what he was supposed to do and was ready to blow them out before I even got the cake close enough for him to actually blow.
  • Mark and I took the opportunity to tell family that Canon is going to be an older brother.  I then made phone calls the next day to inform all the rest of my siblings.  So, I guess the word is out now...I'm due June 23rd, and I'm about 7 1/2 weeks along now.  We are excited about this new addition to the family.  (I'm thinking that I will now turn my other blog into one about this new pregnancy and all the talk about Canon will now be moved to this main family blog.  That way I can more easily compare the different stages of pregnancy and little baby developments.)

Trick-or-Treat Festivities

This was the first year that Canon got to go trick-or-treating.  Last year Halloween was on a Sunday, so I didn't encourage, he was only 1 year old at the time...he didn't need to learn about going door-to-door for candy when he hadn't learn to walk just yet.  The year before that I was in the hospital in labor all of this was the first time, and Canon really loved it.  (Thank goodness for good weather!!)

A week before Halloween we carved pumpkins as a family.  It was pretty fun, even though I didn't get good pictures of our jack-o-lanterns in a timely manner.  Here they are so you can see how they turned out...too bad a week is really too far in advance because they start to wilt and curl.

My ghost was already starting to wilt before I took the picture. :(

Grandma Dahl's jack-o-lantern

For some reason the other jack-o-lanterns made the camera flash , but not this one.  At least you can really see how cool it turned out.

Mark's jack-o-lantern
A few days before Halloween, we participated in our ward's Trunk-or-Treat activity.  We taught Canon to say "trunk-or-treat" and he said it to just about every car.  I have to say it was pretty cute, and most of the trunkers thought so too.  We borrowed a fire-fighter costume from Canon's Aunt Tiffany.  I dressed up as a baby because it was simple and I already had all the materials I needed.

On Saturday we went to a party hosted by friends from Boston.  Grandma and Grandpa (aka Mom and Dad) Dahl babysat for us that night.  It was super fun to have a night out without worrying about getting home in time to put Canon down to bed.  Thanks for the invitation to your great party Christina and Rob!!  My right leg was sore for a few days after playing the paper bag game!

On Halloween, we attended a party at a friend's house, and we took the little kiddos around trick-or-treating for a little while.  Mark and I went dressed up as a double pinochle while Canon wore his fire fighter costume again.  

He has learned that he received a lot of candy in that little pumpkin bucket, so now he loves to play with "my pun-kin" whenever he sees it, and he often asks for "treat!"  I think he has discovered the joy of Halloween, and now I have to discover the trick to keeping candy out of his reach and giving him only a little bit every day.

Thank you to everybody who made Halloween such a fun holiday for us this year.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where Did My Free Time Go?

I have spent too long without blogging because I've had a few things occupying my extra time (what little extra I get with an energetic little boy going almost non-stop).   Somehow I've found the time over the past month or so to make a baby quilt for a friend back in Western Massachusetts.  She was due to have the baby sometime in I was trying my hardest to get it out to her by the end of the month.  I got it into the mail on Oct. 31st, so I guess I was close enough to my goal.  

I decided that I wanted to make Callie a quilt because I made one for someone else in that ward who I was not as close of friends with as I was with Callie.  However, I couldn't really justify the cost of buying the materials for a quilt.  I expressed these thoughts to Mark's grandmother, and she offered to give me samples that she had received for free since she didn't have plans to use those fabrics.

If you closely you can see that all seven of these fabrics correlate with the  other two sets of seven fabrics.
I looked online and found a quilt pattern that I thought would be fun.  It's called the flying saucer block, and it creates a four-point star between the blocks.

A break-down on how you put the block pieces together.

You take one quarter of the block...

break it up into its individual pieces...

add the 1/4 inch seam allowance to each piece, and then use those to cut out the fabrics.

This was my paper representation of how I wanted the final product to look!
It turned out that I made too many mistakes in my cutting that I couldn't make it look just like this, but I  rearranged which fabrics I put where.  I still this it turned out cute, but it's not how I originally planned.

This is the backing that I bought.  I couldn't find a fabric that matched precisely to the other fabrics, but this  one looked like it had the right colors, and I think it helps the quilt to look cute and feminine.  I included it onto the front as a border to tie the back into the quilt.

The first step is completed as the main triangles are now put together.  Once all the larger triangles were done, the piecing of the blocks went really fast.

A closer look at the "green block"

the "red block"

the "pink block"

The whole thing pieced and starting the quilting process...

Here I am, modeling the finished product so you can see how big it turned out.

Would you believe me if I told you each block has 40 pieces, and there are 9 blocks?
I'm pretty proud of how it turned out.  I hope Callie likes it!!!

a look at how the back looks with the front!
So, yeah I spent quite a bit of my time completing this quilt, but at the beginning of October, there was something else that was taking over my thoughts and time...


I've never read these books before, but I couldn't get my hands on the book for our book club so I gave them a try.  Oh my goodness!!  I got so sucked in!!  I think I read all four books within 2 weeks, and if you really knew me, you'd know that's a huge feat.  I've never thought of myself as a reader, but I just couldn't get enough of these books.  I gave myself headaches because all I wanted to do was read, read, READ.  Yeah, now that I'm done with them, I almost want to read them over again, but I know that would be a waste of time.  I'm kind of sad to be done with them because I was really enjoying them.  I've been wanting to watch the movies again because I now want to see how they differ from the books...but there's no one around me who seems to want to watch these movies right now.  (Too bad I'm not in Illinois where my mom's group of friends are doing a movie marathon right before going to see the next movie in the theaters!!)