Thursday, November 29, 2012

Black Friday- Schlack Schriday

Who says that Black Friday is the only day you can get a great deal?!?!
As an Independent Beauty Consultant I can offer you a deal on some fun gifts for Christmas from the #1 Skin Care Line in the USA.  I'm offering a Friends and Family Discount over the next couple weeks.  The earlier your shop, the more you can save.

If your order is in by Friday November 30, you can save 25% off your entire order.*

By Tuesday December 4, you can save 20% off your entire order*

By Thursday December 6, you can save 15% off your entire order*

By Saturday December 8, you can save 10% off your entire order*

Take a look at my website and start making your wish list. PLUS, I'll gift wrap it for you!  Awesome, huh?  I'm saving you time AND money. All orders (even cross-country) of $40 or more will have guaranteed free shipping.  Enter PromoCode: FNFXMAS at the checkout.  Or you can shoot me an email ( or give me a call (801-493-5550) to discuss options available to you that are NOT directly on the website.

For Example:
Sadly this mini Fragrance-Free Satin Hands is out of stock, but I can customize your gift box of small items.

These "Eye Candies" are mineral eye colors attached to a candy cane.  They work great as stocking stuffers and you can choose from any of our fabulous colors. 

There is a plethora of items that would work great as stocking stuffers.
*Stockings not included.

You can customize a gift basket with any combination of items.
Shown here: Microdermabrasion Set, Oil-free Eye Make-up Remover, Mineral Eye Color Bundle,
 Satin Lips Set, "Eye Candy", and Firming Eye Cream
Customize a gift basket devoted to a favorite feature like this
 "All About Eyes" gift set:
Oil-free Eye Make-up Remover, Mineral Eye Color Bundle, Eyeliner, Mascara,
 3 "Eye Candies", Firming Eye Cream
 If you place your order before Dec. 10th, then I can make sure your online order arrives before matter where in the country you live!  :) Gift boxes/baskets like those shown above will need to be ordered earlier if I need to ship them across the country.  I can wrap each item individually so each one is a surprise to her, or wrap the gift basket all together.

So go online and see how I can bring beauty to you (or that special woman in your life!)

*Tax of the full retail value will be applied.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My First Mary Kay Meeting + Rain = Car Accident

So I was on my way to my first Mary Kay training meeting, thinking about how she wanted me there 10  minutes early but it looked like I was only going to be about 3 minutes early...imagining that if she were disappointed that I was not "on time" I'd have to bring up that I'd rather drive safely and not get in an accident than be a few minutes earlier than I was...when lo and behold, I still rear-ended someone.  I wasn't speeding, and I didn't feel like I was following too closely, but the car in front of me (a cop car, too) swerved  to miss a stopped car in the lane.  I slammed on my breaks and tried to swerve too, but the car didn't react.  It just skidded and there was nothing else I could do.  (Mark later told me that when he was driving last night he felt that the tires weren't getting good traction in the rain and that they'd need to be replaced soon.  Now he tells me!!)

So our Alero is probably totaled.  The hood is folded up like a paper airplane, and the headlights are all smashed.  The guy that towed the truck thinks the frame has some damage too, so it won't be just an easy cheap fix.  I crashed into a GMC Jimmy, and she had minor damage to her bumper.  I think she got whip-lashed, so she will need some medical attention to that for a little while.  Poor thing!  I got out without an ache or a scratch...just a stab to the wallet knowing that we will now be looking for yet another vehicle and deal with insurance claims. *sigh*  At least we just bought the minivan, so Mark had a way of getting to me, and we still have a way to get around like we did before we bought the Sienna. This next car will just have to be a cheap commuter car, for sure!

So now, with all the rewards that I can earn through Mary Kay, I am really hoping that I can earn a car, and there are certain goals that I have to meet.  One of those goals is to have a certain number of ladies (I guess guys could do it too, there's no discrimination here!) be willing to talk to my director (Feather Medley) about an opportunity with Mary Kay.  You don't have to be interested in actually becoming a consultant, but just willing to let her talk to you about it.  The phone conversation would take about a 1/2 hour of your time, she'd explain how it would be beneficial for you, and then it would be over.  Would you be willing to help me earn a car?  If you considered saying "yes", then please respond with a comment so that I can get your number to Feather.  You can later decide if Mary Kay is a good choice for you or not.  There's no obligation with this phone call, but it would help me out a ton.

Friday, October 19, 2012


#1- What can this be?
My Starter Kit and first inventory shipment for Mary Kay. 
 Yep!  I'm a brand spanking new Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay.  I'm excited for this positive change in my life, an opportunity to widen my circle of influence, and do something that helps women feel good about themselves inside and out!  Any of you who live here in Utah want a chance to have a girls' night out to pamper yourself, have fun, and possibly win some FREE stuff?
Check out this cute bag that my starter kit came in! :)

#2- What is this beautiful vehicle in my parking spot?

It's our new car- a 2011 Toyota Sienna.  It's an 8-seater minivan.

Beginning Mary Kay, it would be great to be able to get around for each showing, with Canon having started Joy School, and wishing again and again to have room for more than just our little family in the car, we decided it was in our best interest to have another vehicle.
We bought it on Monday night...and I've used it everyday since we got it!

I even took Canon to the children's museum, along with his friends John and Emma and their moms...and we all fit in one vehicle.  IT WAS AWESOME!!  I love my new Sienna! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just some fun pictures of the kids

she's looking like she's gaining some weight...happy girl!

In the baby gym...having a grand ol' time!

taking a snooze at Great Grandma Dahl's house

my two kiddos in the living room...hamming it up

Canon playing with my handbag, Take 1

...Take 2...

...Take 3...

at the playground behind our apartment building

Canon thinks it's funny to take a picture of his "monster face."

At the Treehouse Museum "Participlay"
He was a baby owl.

"Look, Mommy!  I made a frowning face."

One of his favorite poses for pictures these days!
my handsome little man

Toddler Tales

A couple days ago Canon and I were playing on my bed.  He sat on the foot board facing me and held out his hands like he was holding a book.  He told me had had a story he was going to "read" me.  I can't remember it word for word anymore, but it went something like this:

   "Once 'pon time, there was a mommy. And there was a monster.  A big monster that scares mommy.  Then there's a ghost, the Holy Ghost.  And there was no more monster. Amen."

I also wanted to write down Canon's prayers.  Frankly, he says practically the exact same thing every time until he needs a little prompting to end his prayer, or to add something a little more substantial to the prayer...but this is how it goes:

    "Fah-ver, thank you for dis day. Thank you for dis food.  Please bless Mommy to feel better.  (sometimes needing a prompting to bless the food- which he says he already did) Please bless the food, and the food. (Usually we need to prompt him here to end, but sometimes he'll continue with: Please bless God, and the Holy Ghost.)  In the name, Jesus Christ, AMEN."

If we leave Canon to say the family prayer, and he decides to go on blessing more and more people, his favorite list is the following...usually in this order too:  Tiffany, and Cameron and Megan, and Teddy, and Lily, and Brian...sometimes followed by Grandma and Grandpa.  Granted, we do help him when he gets stuck and can't really think of much else to say.  Hopefully he'll learn soon that there are other things that we can pray for...but at least he knows that we can pray for others when we are thinking about them.  I almost wish that he would be happier to listen to us praying instead of always wanting to be the one to do it himself.   Almost!  :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Canon's Imaginary Friend

Every since Halloween time last year, Canon has been talking about ghosts.  First it started with a story that he requested to read almost daily, "Paddy Dog Sees a Ghost."  Then his imaginary play began with saying there was a ghost in a room.  I taught him that if he ever saw a ghost all he had to do was to say, "Go away, Ghost!" (He loves to yell that every chance he gets too!)  Then it evolved to a game of "hiding" from the ghost, or trying to scare the ghost.

Then one day Canon seemed to be a little confused about what the Holy Ghost was, so I told him that He was our friend because he can comfort us when we're sad, or afraid, or worried.  So Canon started saying that the ghost we were hiding from was the Holy Ghost.

A couple weeks ago we were trying to gather for family scriptures and prayer, but Canon was insisting on showing me the "ghost" in my room and how he wasn't afraid of him.  So we went to my room:
     Canon: See?  I not scared!
     Me: Oh, well that's good!
     Canon: Yeah, 'cuz it's the Holy Ghost.
     Me: Oh?  It's the Holy Ghost?
     Canon:  Yeah.
     Me:  Well, ok you showed me you're not scared.  Now c'mon; it's time to go read scriptures.
     Canon:  Okay.  C'mon, Holy Ghost, let's go.

Then he proceeded to hold his hand out, grasping the air like he was holding someone's hand.  Then he took my hand and we walked to the living room where Mark was waiting.  I told Mark what Canon said in the bedroom and got ready to sit on the couch next to him...when Canon screeched out, "No, don't sit there!  The Holy Ghost is there!"  I quickly stood back up, "Oh, was the Holy Ghost sitting there?"  So then I politely asked the Holy Ghost to move over, closer to Canon, so that I could sit by Daddy.  I told Mark then that I don't mind if Canon's imaginary friend is the holy Ghost.  I think it's kinda cute, actually!  :)  It made us laugh, and we still laugh about it now.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Potty Hiatus

So we tried with the potty-training for Canon, but after about a month Canon decided he had enough and still wanted diapers.  I was giving him the choice between diapers and that if he chose underwear he would realize that he's choosing to use the potty and therefore not have as many accidents.  Well, after 3 mornings in a row with a "traumatic" accident, he decided that he preferred the diapers.  Since then I've been able to get him to wear underwear 2X, I think.  So, I guess we'll just wait until he's good and ready.  :(  He HAS used the potty a few more times, but mostly when I ask he tells me he doesn't want to. He actually told me that he likes pooping in his diaper.  Ok, whatever you say!  *rolling eyes*

Just over the past couple days I've noticed that he's been waking up with dry diapers, so I hope that the time is not too far off. (He turns 3 years old in 1 month. Mark wants him to be potty-trained once he goes into Sunbeams.)  I didn't notice dry diapers before, but I knew he was going to bed with a sippy cup of water or a drink not too long before bed, so I didn't really think the dry diaper would be possible anyway.

Friday, July 27, 2012

4th of July

We traveled down to Draper to enjoy some time with family at a BBQ at Mark's parents' house.  I was looking all cute that day and was hoping to finally get a shot of our little family...but that never happened.  Cadence is 6 weeks old, and I still don't have a picture of the 4 of us. Oh well!  At least I got a few cute ones of the kids!  :)

Proud to be an American!!

And to eat Ice Cream

Sparklers Rock!
I just love her outfit.  Thanks, Aunt Connie!  Her onesie says, "I <3 BBQ"  The flower in her hair was a gift from MacKenzie Iorg.  Turns out that I use these flowers in my hair more than I put them on Cadence! :)

Climbing the Mountain

When I was in the hospital having Cadence, Mark would stay home at night and bring Canon to visit during the days.  On the way to the hospital there's a view of the huge mountains.  Canon then told Mark that he wanted to climb the Mark told him that he might take him on a Saturday soon.  Well, every time Canon was in the car and he saw the mountains (and let's face it, we live in Ogden, always see mountains if you're outside!!), he would remind Mark that he wanted to climb that mountain.  So, Mark agreed and took Canon for a hike on June 30th.

Here are the pictures Mark got with his phone.

Mark said that Canon did a really good job on the hike.  They hiked in for about an hour, and then on the way back Canon got tired.  So Mark picked him up for about 10 minutes, at which point he said Mark's back pack straps were hurting his he walked the rest of the way.  What a trooper!

Canon seemed to enjoy that so much (and Mark figures he could use the exercise), we invited Mark's brother's family out for more hiking fun in the following weeks.  Brian, Megan, and Cameron all went with them this time.  Tiffany and Lily stayed back at our place with me and Cadence and had a nice little visit.

After they were done with their hike, we all had hot dogs and Italian sausages for lunch and then headed to the pool.  It was great fun!  Thanks for coming to visit,  Brian and Tiff!  I hope we can do it again before the summer is over...especially since now I can join you guys in the pool!  :)

Adventures in Potty-Training

We started trying to potty-train Canon when my mom was here.  So I guess we've been doing it for almost 4 weeks now.  He understands the concept of using the toilet, and he recognizes the feeling of when he needs to go #2.  I think he knows what it feels like for #1 too, but he's usually so interested in whatever he's doing that he doesn't pay attention to #1.  We're still working on that one!

He has his good days, like yesterday where his only accident all day was when he was upset and crying so he lost control.  He also has his bad days, like 2 days ago where all he had were accidents.  That was an interesting day... Canon was hitting me repeatedly with his stuffed monkey, and I told him to stop.  When he didn't stop, I grabbed his arm mid-swing, and that made him mad so he started crying...which of course meant he started wetting his pants.  I told him to get up and go to the bathroom because I was holding Cadence and couldn't drag him there myself.  He refused and just cried some more, which got me upset so I started counting toward a time-out because he was not minding me.  I got all the way to 5, so I put Cadence down and picked him up to take him to the bathroom.  I couldn't really see where I was going with the way I was holding him out in front of me, and I tripped on the car seat behind the couch.  I had a pretty nasty fall  (giving me a skinned knee), and therefore, so did Canon. Now he was really crying, and by the time I got him to the bathroom, there was nothing left to go into the toilet.

This was the same day that I asked him if he had to go pee..."nope!"...what about poopies?..."no, I not need that!"  So I made a 5 minute phone call, and when I got off the phone he was in the corner where he peed on the floor and pooped in his underwear.  I had to give him another time-out for that one because he knows better than that...and I had JUST BARELY asked him if he had to go.  Ugh!

After that ordeal I've decided to give Canon the choice of underwear or a diaper. If he chooses underwear, then he's choosing to go use the toilet...and I remind him of that often throughout the day.  So if he refuses to go potty when I tell him he ought to try, which he ALWAYS DOES, I remind him it was his choice to use the potty.  So far (in the 1 1/2 days I've been doing it) Canon has responded very well.

At the beginning he had to go sans pants to get the concept.

Very proud of himself for going poop in the toilet for the first time!!
Showing off his reward- M&M minis. 

Getting Into Stuff

My sister-in-law Mary once asked me if Canon has learned the tatic of waiting until I'm breastfeeding to "get into stuff."  Is this what she meant?

In the baby's crib, even though I told him not to.

In our audio cabinet, getting stuck too!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We're Moving!!!

Well, Mark's job is supposed to start on Monday, so we are moving this Saturday to Ogden.  We found an apartment complex that we really like- with fun amenities like a work-out facility, a pool and hot tub, playgrounds, charcoal BBQs and picnic benches, and really nice lawns.  We considered a little house that we found, but after thinking about the cost of utilities and the fact that it's a pretty old home that we'd have to take care of, even though it was remodeled and repainted, we figured it could possibly be more expensive than the apartment and not nearly as comfortable.  There's more closet space in the apartment and an extra bedroom that the house didn't have.  So, we did all we could to get the apartment, and now we're just waiting on their final approval.  (Apparently they haven't gotten a hold of our last landlord yet to confirm that we're good tenants.  I talked to her today and she said they haven't called, but she would give us great reviews because we were "excellent" for them.  They really appreciated all the yard work we did after the tornado hit our neighborhood.)  So, I'm not worried about not being approved...I'm just wondering why they haven't finished the process yet.

Mark and I are getting excited about the move.  Yesterday we spent quite a chunk of money purchasing a new sofa and loveseat, new washer and dryer, and a new dining room table w/ 6 chairs.  We weren't originally going to buy the dining set, but we spent way less than we anticipated on the sofa/loveseat, and Mark had been wanting a round dining table for ages.   Plus, the way the dining area is set-up in the apartment, it just works so much better with a round table, so we went ahead and bought it.  I'm actually really excited about the purchase, and about the new apartment.  Do you know what it's like for a girl like me to live somewhere and not feel like I'm free to decorate the way I want to?  The only thing I got to do to decorate was one thing that I set on the back of our toilet.  It was fun to play around with it and make it looks cute for the different seasons, but it wasn't much compared to having my own place to do up the way I like.  This new apartment has 3 bedrooms and, as far as I can tell, plenty of closet space.  Mark is a little more worried than I am about being able to fit everything into our new place, but I think we can manage alright.

One thing I was concerned about was having to find a new OB/GYN while I was already 32 weeks along.  It turns out that once I found out which kind of insurance we're getting, I was able to find a doctor who can see me the same day that I was supposed to have my next appointment here in Sandy.  So, that's exciting for me.  I just hope that this doctor and I will see eye to eye and I won't have to switch for a 3rd time this pregnancy.  I think everything will be just fine though.  It will be better than driving for an hour while I'm in labor.

Now everybody, just cross your fingers and  hope the official approval is finalized sooner rather than later!  It will probably be a while before I get to posting again since we don't have our internet situation figured out just yet.  Wish us luck!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Fun Videos to Share

Just a few that I thought you might like to see....

A couple videos of Canon and Cameron dancing on Easter Sunday.  This was a toy top that Mark's mom got for Cameron for Easter.  Both of them really liked to dance to its music.  Cameron just had surgery on both his knees, so he's trying really hard to not bend them, yet still get into the dancing.  Canon gets upset when the music stopped even though the top is still spinning.  :)

This video is of Canon at the park in Pocatello when Mark interviewed at the courthouse.  I might be the only one, but this slide made me laugh...just watch.

And this video is Canon's first taste of fresh grapefruit.  I don't like it very much, so I didn't expect him to like it either.  I was just hoping for a bigger reaction...this one is not quite America's Funniest Home Videos worthy.

Easter 2012

Some fun festivities to remember about Easter this year.

Egg hunt at Uncle Brad and Aunt Laura's house.  We had a great lunch and played kickball after the hunt.  I took videos of the egg hunt, but there's nothing terribly exciting and worth putting on the blog, but if you're interested, I could still upload them to YouTube for you to watch.

Canon found the basket left by "the Easter Bunny" in the living room.  He seemed pretty excited to look through it.

trying to hold up the basket to pose for the picture

Grandma helping Canon spot the different kinds of candy stored in there

My Easter Bunny Cake that I brought to the family dinner and Mark's grandparents' house

the kids gathering around to open the Easter gifts from Grandma (Mark's mom)

Canon trying to decide where to start ripping the paper

Tiff, some of these are for you... Megan opening her how-to-draw book.

Lily just chillaxin'...enjoying chewing on her gift instead of opening it

more chewing going on here

Canon finally seeing the cool train figurines at the back of the Thomas the Train book...opening the cover to get them out!

Extra cute picture of an adorable little Lily!

the little kids out for the egg hunt in the back yard

Cameron and Canon worked together and gathered quite a haul.

My new Easter dress, in case you didn't see it on my other blog. :)
The only other thing that I really wanted to mention about Easter was that Church was really good that day.  I enjoyed the talks, and the choir sang a number that went really smoothly.  I also sang His Hands like I've done in the past, while signing it.  I was pretty nervous about doing it this time though because when we rehearsed it in the chapel I couldn't get through the number once without choking up or actually crying.  I knew I must be in trouble if I couldn't make it through practice.  As it turned out, I did end up crying at the end of the number, but I was still able to get every single word out...even if I couldn't hold it out as long as I wanted to.  I was told that the fact that I was tearing up actually added to the emotion in the number, that it made it even more powerful.  The Spirit was so strong, and every single person in the congregation was glued to me...even the kids.  Everyone says, "There wasn't a dry eye in the whole room...including mine!"  I was a little disappointed in the fact that I couldn't do it without crying, but at least nobody thought that I ruined the number by doing so.  It turned out to still be a great number, and I even received a few emails and a thank you card in the mail from people in the ward telling me how much they appreciated that rendition.  That made me feel pretty good.  At least now I don't have to be nervous about it anymore, and I seemed to do my job just right...I brought the Spirit into the meeting with music while baring my testimony of the Savior at the same time.  :-D