Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Craziness

Ok, I'm so sorry to say that I did NOT get any pictures of our costumes.  I'm the Activities Chairman for our ward, so I was the one in charge for our Halloween party.  We did a Trunk-or-Treat, and I was busy the whole night, trying to make sure that all of the stations were taken care of and that things were running smoothly.  So I never got around to taking any pictures.  Canon went as Tigger and I was dressed in my Queen of Hearts Card costume (that I've used almost every year since Senior year of high school).  Mark was going to dress up, but then when he made to get ready, he discovered that he no longer had a particular black shirt anymore... so that costume wasn't going to work.  So... he just carried around the little Tigger all night instead.  Today for church I thought it would be inappropriate for Canon to be dressed as Tigger, but we did dress him in a black turtle neck and black pants and attached a white sticker rectangle to his collar.  He was a priest.  I figured, although maybe breeching sacrilegious, it was more appropriate for church attendance. (I'll include a picture of Canon in his Tigger costume to the baby blog within the next couple days.  Stay posted!)

The Trunk-or-Treat activity was a total hit!  It was my first activity since I was called, and I really only had a couple weeks to put it all together.  I had a couple volunteers to be part of my committee, and it all turned out GREAT!  We did a donut-eating contest, a cookie-decorating station with sugar cookies and frosting and sprinkles, and a "Ghost Busters" game which was a fishing game where the kids fished for a ghost tootsie pop on their hooks.  We had prizes, candy, balloons, and a huge crowd.  Tons of people told me that I did a great job pulling it all together, so I feel confident that the ward appreciated the effort put into it.  It's been a really crazy week leading up to last night, and it was really quite fun... but I think I've asked too much from Canon with all the driving I've had to do to get all the materials... skipped naps are no fun for a little one.  Now that it's all over and done, I hope to have a more calm week and focus on giving Canon lots of attention.

Oh, and now that it's Halloween, that means that Canon's first birthday is tomorrow.  Can you believe it?!?!?  Canon is a WHOLE YEAR old now... tomorrow!  I can hardly believe it!  I'm going to make a little post on his blog tomorrow, but we're having his birthday party on Nov. 6th.  This way we were able to get some friends from Boston to join us too!  I'm looking forward to a time to catch up with people.  Yay for birthdays!

Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday to Canon!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who's the Turkey Now?

So on Thursday of last week I went upstairs to get Canon from his nap.  I looked out the window and saw something that made my jaw drop.  I ran with Canon down the stairs to hurry and get the camera to take pictures to prove what I saw.  I really couldn't believe my eyes.

That's right.  I saw LIVE TURKEYS just strutting down my sidewalk.  I would've taken more pictures, but my battery died... or the memory card was full... one or the other.  But seriously!!  I was about ready to call the local news to tell them about it, thinking maybe they had escaped from a local petting zoo or something and this call would help them locate the missing turkeys.  I didn't have time to look up the phone number on the internet because I had to leave to go pick up Mark from work.  Oh well, next time, I guess!

I was super excited about it, and when I showed Mark the pictures he was just as amused.  That night I went to book club and showed the hostess the pictures on my camera, and do you know how she responded?  "Oh, yeah that's cool.  Wild turkeys are all over these parts.  Didn't you know?  One year on the Sunday after Thanksgiving there was a whole flock of them at the church building strutting their stuff."

Ok, so I guess it wasn't that impressive afterall.  Maybe it's a good thing I didn't call the news station, huh?  I just never figured that there were wild turkeys anymore.  I assumed they were all domesticated and bred on farms these days.  Guess I'm the big turkey now! *blushes*