Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Sad Tale

Back on Aug 3rd, it was kind of a crazy busy day at our house.  Mark and I decided to move all our big speakers out of the front room (since there was no effective way to set up our surround sound, they were just a hazard that took up space). We moved a bunch of furniture around- the audio cabinet from the living room to our bedroom, the speakers to the closet, the big bookshelf in Canon's room (since only 1 of the 5 shelves were being used by Canon's books anyway) moved to our bedroom, we moved the entertainment center to the corner of the living room, and we bought a smaller bookshelf to put in Canon's room for his own books.  I did some major vacuuming with all that was involved too.  

Later that day we went looking for a shelf for Canon's room at DI, then at Walmart (where we actually got one), and then headed to a festival at a park in Harrisville.  It was a big party with free cake and ice cream, a saw dust scramble where they throw prizes in a huge pile of saw dust and you run in and try to find them before the time runs out, booths with balloon animals/hats/toys/etc., music and dancing, and fireworks at night where Canon and I were rolling down the hill as we waited.  It was actually a really fun family event that was completely free.  I LOVE it when cities do stuff like that!! :)

Once we were done with the festival, it was way past the kids' bedtime, so we hurried home to get them down.  Then I was finally able to go grocery shopping at WinCo.  I got home just before midnight, and finished putting the food away at about 12:25AM when I realized something didn't feel right.  My ring felt really sharp.... and when I looked down at my wedding ring I found that my diamond was gone!!  

Ahhhh!  Two of the prongs had their tips broken off, and a third prong was bent to the side.  there was no way for a stone to still be there after that!!  Ugh!  I figured it would probably cost about $1000 to fix it because not only would it be the cost of a new stone, but it would also include having to repair the ring itself.  I was so sad.  After a little while of wearing a ring that a guy from high school gave me, just so that I could have a ring that fit on that finger, I decided to just go get a cheap replacement ring until we can afford to repair the real one.  So I went to Walmart and got a $100 CZ ring.  This is my favorite of the ones they had, but it's not like I'm totally in love with it.  I don't like it nearly as much as my wedding ring.  Honestly, I've never seen a ring that I like better than my wedding ring!  At least I didn't lose the ring, only the diamond... but hopefully I'll be able to have my wedding ring back someday.

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