Saturday, November 9, 2013

Uncle Alex's new girl

Back in July we gathered with family to celebrate Independence Day.  I was a little more excited this time because we were meeting Alex's (Mark's little brother) new girlfriend.  At this point she had met much of the family and they all said they liked her much better than the last girl... and I'm not really sure if they were officially a couple yet by this point, but it was a happier situation than he had the previous year.  One of the first things I learned about her was that her parents brought her and Alex skydiving in Ogden just a few days before.  They were looking for someone else to join them, and ALEX DIDN'T EVEN CALL MARK.  We live in Ogden, and Alex didn't even think to call us!!??!!  Oh well!  Taylor (that's her name) smacked Alex when she found out.  Ha!  Yep, she's a keeper!

Canon's trying to play with a sparkler... turned out that they were really crummy, I don't think they were really even sparklers.  This is the 4th of July at Aunt Colette's house.

Canon looking happy about playing with a sparkler.  You can see a not-so-good picture of Taylor sitting next to Mark.

Canon is getting glow sticks to play with, while Taylor is trying to stifle a laugh.  (Sorry these aren't the best pictures of her!)

It was fun to get to know Taylor over the past few months.  She joined us for our annual Dahl Family Water Wars for our Pioneer Day celebration. I think she even came to our cousin's mission farewell in South Jordan.  In August she came with Alex up to Ogden to listen to me sing in Relief Society (where I totally started crying before I started singing so it was really hard for me to actually sound good while I sang! ha ha), and then they joined us for dinner that night.  It was at dinner that they told us they decided to get married in October.  I wasn't terribly surprised, and I tried to warn her what she was getting into.  Ha ha!  She seemed to be ready for the change and prepared for what lay in store.

Lo and behold, all went well with the preparations.  She passed "the Test" that every girl entering the Dahl family must go through at her bridal shower.  Her family (mom, sister, and Grammy) seem to enjoy conversation with all of us, and Taylor seems to be absolutely perfect for Alex.  So the wedding happened at the Salt Lake Temple on October 12th, and it was a beautiful thing to behold.  I was lucky to be able to attend because when we were 20 minutes away from the temple, I realized that I had forgotten my recommend in my temple bag.  At least I was able to get in touch with my bishop, and when they called him he was ready to give them his permission for me to enter the temple.  *wipes forehead* phew!  You'd think that with my sister-in-law having forgotten her recommend at my wedding I'd be sure to remember my recommend.  Oh well!  At least being a slight idiot doesn't keep you out of the temple... all the time.  :)

Here are a few pictures, but I'm sure that there are better ones out there from other cameras.  These are just the best ones that I have for now.  I'll probably post some better ones when the wedding photographer's pictures are given to us and we can see all the awesome shots he got.

All the cousins waiting for the bride and groom on the temple grounds.

I COULD NOT get a good picture of Cadence.  She didn't get a nap and it was getting late into the afternoon.  At least she was happy exploring all the people and sights to see. (I made her skirt to match mine.)

Cadence congratulating Uncle Alex!
Canon giving Aunt Taylor a hug.
My handsome boy actually giving a good smile for the camera, for once!  :)
Canon moving to Uncle Alex now!
Alex can't help but to pick up his nieces and nephews!  
"Don't hug me too tight, Alex!" 

After the event we had a lovely dinner at a country club for the family and close friends.  Honestly, it was a wonderful event that was spoiled for me because Cadence was basically screeching the entire time.  They weren't necessarily all sad or angry sounds, although some of it was.... but she was certainly loud through almost the whole time!!  Ugh!

For an example of all the pent-up energy, see this video.

The next Saturday was their garden reception at Tuscany.  It was a beautiful scene, and a really nice time spent with more family and friends.  This event was outside, so it didn't really matter that Cadence was loud, and she was able to run around a bit more.  :)  Happy baby = happy mom!

Here are a couple shots I got on my phone, although I'm waiting to see all the other fun shots the photographer got at this event too. :)

Canon is actually understanding the concept of how to smile a cute smile the a camera now. :)

Blurry, I know, but this was an action shot of Cadence and her cousin Evelyn giving each other kisses.

Cadence is just enjoying her time in her big girl chair!  :)
Congratulations to Uncle Alex and Aunt Taylor!  We are so happy that it all worked out, and you've started a new happy life together!  Welcome Aunt Taylor to the craziness that is Dahl Life!! :)

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